Threading. I shudder from the sound of that word- I am one of those victims of poorly trained parlour ladies who have at one point of time or the other made me look like one of these three below:

1.) A victim of domestic abuse with cuts going all below my brow area

2.) A person whose eyebrows look like a baby caterpillar is chasing the mommy caterpillar (uneven sizes anyone)

3.) A perpetually surprised person (Like a ‘ooohh I have botox’ look)

So having been through the torture that is threading, I have finally found that one person whome I can trust with my brows .  If she quits the salon she works for, all hell is going to break loose in our house I tell you. Anyway , no matter where you get your brows done from here are some quick pointers on which brow styles suit which face shape



The infographic above is a useful representation of what eyebrow shapes to choose for your face shape.

The Basic Funda’s :

Eyebrows are set to frame your face, so their shape should balance out your face shape. If your face is round with no angles, then your brows should be angular, If your face has very sharp angles then your brows should be softer etc. Here are the ground rules for each face shape:

Round face: If you have a round face, then your goal is to get some angles into your face. Go for a high arch, with almost equal length of brow to the left and to the right of the arch -like a proper inverted V !

Square face: Square faces are like mine, they look like round faces but have a prominent jawline and chin. Start with a more curved kind of shape rather than a straight line, and then go for a sharp arch and straight down. The difference between this shape and the shape mentioned above for round faces is that here- the part of the eyebrow towards the inside of the face  (one half of the arch) should be longer than the part towards   the outside (outer half of the arch), whereas in round faces its more or less equal

Oval face: You probably don’t even need to read such articles because you could have a bush on your eyebrows and it would still look good. All you need to do is maintain the oval shape with a gentle arch- nothing too crazy and sharp

Long face: To balance out the length of the face, don’t go for a very sharp arch (or it can make your face look very struct and harsh). Instead go for flattened eyebrow- it makes the viewer almost stop there at your eyebrows and makes your face look shorter

Heart Face: A heart shape face has a strong focus of the face tapering towards the chin area. Make sure your eyebrows balance this strong angular focus towards the chin by opting for a soft, curved arch that is delicate and goes with the rest of your face.

Let me know?

Anyone here has alternatives to threading? Im just mortified that all the pulling and tugging is going to have some sort of an effect in the long term. How effective is tweezing (for someone who has a decent amount of hair growth). Anything else in the market? Any tools that help you thread better?

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