Hey you!

Its time for a brand new P&B Panel girlies (Remember our regular feature- The Panel? where we asked girls spanning different skin tones and types a bunch of questions they answered everyweek!? Well its back and its BIGGER). We put together a bunch of smart women together spanning makeup choices, budgets, age groups and skin types and every week we will ask them a burning question and YOU can read all the answers and make smarter purchase decisions. Without further ado then…








We still have a slot open for the ‘fair’ category- so if you are in the lighter skintone, do write in to us ! For those of you who recieved ‘Welcome to P&B Panel emails stating you are in the panel’ but are not featured here, its because of the pictures you guys sent. Do resend different pics!

The Panel will be answering a ton of questions, starting with their must haves for makeup, and any other questions you want to ask them. So go ahead…get asking in the comments below!


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