I made this lust list yesterday when I was in the mood for soft, romantic details (that mood had overturned now because the new flat we had shortlisted to move into is now gone to some other tenant ugh!). Anyhoo, looking at this lust list made me smile through the bad news anyway ! (SOS: anyone has a nice 2/ 3 bhk in gurgaon in a multi storey which is not completely tiny and wants to rent it out- please contact me !)

1. Floral Print Heels in Baby Blue and pink: I LOVE this print, infact I think this print has featured the most number of times in all my lust lists- the pink cherry blossom print is gorgeous on the blue pumps. Saw these on Pinterest so no idea where theyr from but if you shop from those chinese websites like Wholesale dress and stuff, yll find tons of these styles

2. Floral Print Belts: Love these, though I know they would be super limiting. But jeans, a white shirt and these belts would just be amazing.

3. Cartier Saphire Bracelet: Sigh. SO STUNNING. Im definitely getting something like this made- either as anecklace or a bracelet or something, it just screams elegance

4. Anushree Reddy Floral Anarkali from the upcoming collection: Got a chance to get a tiny sneak peak into Anushree Reddys new LFW collection and I AM STOKED because for the first time she has limited her use of net and thepieces look so so so pretty!

5. Lancome le maison Blush: I know this one is 2 years old, but its still SO GORGEOUS. Would love to have this in my makeup trousseau!

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