Michael Kors is probably every girls  initiation into high end designer wear. My first ‘it bag‘ was the Micheal Kors white leather one with gold hardware, and even now that its store is in Emporio, I find myself totally lusting over the handbags which have at some point been featured in our Lust List over here. So when Michael Kors launched their signature fragrance line in India I was totally kicked about it.

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Priced at Rs. 6,350 for 50 ml and Rs. 8, 800 for 100 ml, the collection will be available at Michael Kors Boutiques in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata from August 2014. The collection has 3 fragrances ranging from sporty, sexy and Glam. The one I really wanted to try was Glam, but Sexy was the one available instead!

Sexy Amber on first impressions seems unimpressive – like any other fragrance you may have tested. But its when you wait for about five to ten notes for the bottom notes to really hit when you get a beautiful, creamy scent, perfect for cold winter nights and heady summer nights too.  You can definitely smell sandalwood, light flowers , and this musky almost powdery earthiness that lends its sexy touch . Right at the end you get the warm amber (about fifteen minutes after you spray it on) and thats when you start to be addicted to this scent. Its a scent that is solid, not  very sweet and has a mysterious, sexiness to it.

Even though this smells quite musky and sexy, its still a very clean, almost – a just out of shower kind of balanced scent because of its powdery quality. While at first glances, it didnt have the sweetness I like my perfumes to have , over the course of a few weeks the boy has always asked what Im wearing when I wear this so it has therefore become a staple for date nights :)

Just a mention about the bottle- I absolutely love how classy, minimalistic and elegant it is. The shiny gold cap with the clean, glass bottle is very reminiscent of the perfume itself. Clean, simple, elegant and sexy.

Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 6350 for 50 ml
Recommendation: The Michael Kors Sexy Amber is a clean, minimalistic scent with hints of sandalwood, warm amber and a powdery muskiness . While at first impressions it may not impress you much, you need to wait for a few minutes before it dissolves into your skin giving it a balance of sexyness, with a fresh, clean feel. I personally like my fragrances to be a tad bit sweeter than this is, but for date nights this has become one of my go -to scents.

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