Aloha ! Not sure how helpful this is going to be, but when I was doing one of the looks for the video I thought I might as well film just the foundation/ concealer part if you guys wanna know how I apply my foundation. When it comes to concealer- i prefer to not use a super heavy duty one , because even though it might conceal more and the cover  little bump under my right eye (I have this hereditary mini bag there ) , it also ends up looking really heavy and wierd on me!

One thing I haven’t done in the video is where else I apply concealer- this is on the part where my nose meets the face (it sounds wierd i know)- but basically those areas seem to have broken cappilleries and they need concealing too.

I was sounding totally official and preachy in the video by the way, which is something I noticed – note for next time to lighten up (I really dont have the *pink* *Stars* *glitter* youtube personality lol!)

Here are the steps

1. Moisturize with the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer. Read review here

2. Put two pumps worth of Bobbi Brown Foundation in the shade Natural Tan on my fist

3. Use the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki to stipple it across my face and then blend

4. The concealer i used is actually not a concealer per se- its the Bobbi Brown Eye Brightener in Shade Peach 08

5. The best way to use the eye brightener is to swipe it and then dab it in place till it dissolves


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