Sometimes when you cannot find ANYTHING in your closet, you should just shut your eyes and stick your hands in there and vow to wear whatever it is that comes out. If you are lucky, you may end up with something you didnt even remember you bought- like this khaki top which I bought from New York. There isnt anything special about it, it just drapes loosely in the front (Infact it drapes too low so I have to safety pin it together), but somehow the fold up sleeves, the gold detailing and the looseness add a certain laidback chic element to it.


I wore it with white pants (I wish mine had some gold hardware detailing) but theyr just plain white ones and cream wedges (One of the rare occasions yll see me in heels)



Khaki Top: Brought from a random store in NY

Gold CHain: Forever New

Sandals: Fashion and You (Online Shopping)

These loosely draped tops look great on their own but also I feel they are so good for layering. I would totally wear a tan jacket over this in fall/ winter for a more put together look!

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