Hey girls ! So a lot of you have been writing in with skin concerns and asking me tons of skin queries and I always answer with the same “ Make sure you consult with your dermatologist” reply . Well I realised that quite frankly what with our busy schedules a lot of you have never even been to a dermatologist in your life and don’t have the time to plan a first appointment either !
So I did the next best thing i could think of . I partnered with My dermacy  which is basically a skincare community which answers all your skincare queries and got their expert panel of dermatologists to answer ALL your skin concerns .


How to get your question answered: 
Simple  – just ask the question in the comments below and the Dermat will answer it in reply to your question !!! You could ask about anything that concerns you- from acne to anti ageing , from dark spots to hair loss so get asking !!!! I know I am going to be asking some anti ageing concerns I have along with my perpetual hairfall concerns so im going to be the first commentator


A bit about MyDermacy:
MyDermacy is an online community where people can come and ask our expert panel of dermatologists any questions they have around skin or hair care. You can have a look at the website Our panel currently includes dermatologists from Delhi and Mumbai but it is continuously growing.  You can  read more here: More here:

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