Morning peeps ! Its a gorgeous Saturday morning in delhi…well not quite. The maid is on leave, and Iv had to go to the kitchen to whip up something- so my Saturday has really not started off on the right note (I HATE cooking). Sigh, somehow these days Im missing my trip to New York- getting up and making my own breakfast of egg and bacon didnt seem half as bad when you had to walk to work in gorgeous weather and had the lure of Sunday brunches, Times Square and 34th Street to keep you happy. Oh well, lord knows when Ill be on my next vacation , but until then I shall satisfy my excitement cravings with new makeup like this Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone corrector.



If you have tried the YSL Touche Eclat, then this is like Shiseido’s spin on YSL’s iconic gold wand. I actually recieved this from the PR Team, but the shade is veryyyyy light for me so it limits my judgement a little bit, but here is what I feel on the product in general

I like how moisturizing this is, it doesn’t dry out my under eye area and provides some coverage. It does instantly brighten your under eye area and while the coverage is not extra-ordinary, it doesn;t claim to be. This is kind of like your everyday best friend- to just polish up the dark circles, neutralise the redness on your face and end up looking completely polished.

shiseido-sheer-eyezone-corrector-001 shiseido-sheer-eyezone-corrector-002shisieido-sheer-eye-zone-corrector


The shade is wayyy too  light for me, but you can see how my veins are hidden, redness is neutralized and how it instantly adds brightness to the face


  • Adds brightness to your under eye area instantly
  • Smooth and creamy and easy to apply
  • Hydrates the under eye area
  • Lasts decently long.
  • Is a ¬†nice everyday option as a lightweight concealer and illuminator


  • If you are looking for extremely heavy duty concealing, then you might think this is slightly on the sheer side
  • Finding a shade match might be hard

Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 2500 Approx

Recommendation: The Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector provides instant brightness under your eyes, and is hydrating and cooling on your eye area. It provides nice coverage for everyday wear but probably not enough for heavy duty concealing (it doesn’t claim to anyway). Finding a shade match might be a struggle though.

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