I know I know Iv been slacking off P&B lately. Its only because of all the youtube stuff and other personal life stuff happening (We might be moving..AGAIN. AG-FREAKING-AIN People..I think we will go down in the guiness book of world records as the couple who switched the maximum number of houses. Argh. I hate house hunting. Hate it people . Hate moving even more. Anyway, coming back to the point – yesterday I attended the Tarun Tahiliani Couture Expo (the full pictures are there on my other blog:  Wed Me Good Blog) but here is what we saw.

The piece i LOVED the most was actually worn by Sonalika. It was this gorgeous, muted gold anarkali with heavy zardozi work at the top and a super flared out skirt which had swarovski detailing. TH swarovski was actually very muted- they weren’t the heavy on bling crystal ones but very soft and almost opalascent stones. Apart from that, liked the softer tones he had used (but still loved last years Tarun collection) more.

20140614Tarun Tahiliani397-Edit

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20140614Tarun Tahiliani234-Edit




Looovee this piece. Swoooning


Also loved how simple and elegant this piece was.


Pretty pink for a morning event?

There was also some jewellery on display by Azva (they make gold look so fashion forward and luxe) and some nice groom wear pieces as well.

Bumped into fellow bloggers- Komal from Delhi Style Blog (who by the way wanted to take a selfie with SOnalika and it was so funny because there is a 2 feet height difference between these two so they just couldn’t manage fitting both in a frame !!! So CUTE). Also met The Delhi bride who seems to be my partner in crime as we lounge about waiting for these press conferences!

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