Hi girls,

So this is a tutorial I filmed a while back and unfortunately the sound died out when I was doing the tutorial- which meant I had to put it down in text what I was doing , and its not that easy to explain in text all the steps. But hopefully this may help

Also let me know how you guys want me to film tutorials. In this one, Im doing both eyes- is it more helpful if I have one eye done and Im doing just one eye with the camera focused there ??

And I know a lot of you requested for pictures of the look after I do a tute, Iv noted that down, the thing is all these tutorials were filmed together, so the next bunch I do will have the photos on there to.

The basic steps are easy

1. Primer

2. Apply Expensive Pink on your lids

3. Take Mac Bronze in outer corner

4. Take matte brown eyeshadow (Im using Mac Folie) to blend everything out

5. Take a matte black to create an outer V

6. Use liner, kajal softly and smudge (Somehow I dont like harsh eyeliners with eyelooks)

7. Mascara and ta-da

8. The blush Im using which is just not visible on camera (in the next bunch of videos I will make sure I overapply blush so you guys can see)- is Nars Orgasm

9. Bobbi Brown Italian Rose Lipstick

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