I just returned from my break back from Jim corbett ladies. Somehow, I thought its going to be this awesome Indiana Jones type of place where everyone would be in these cute shorts and stuff, and I ended up packing a whole lot of things that I couldnt really wear there cos it was quite village like . Oh well, anyway ..the main thing is…we didn’t see a tiger. But we did see a lot of deer and monkeys.Our guide told us monkeys and deers are usually good friends and we saw that in action as monkeys would shake up the trees for the leaves to fall for the deer to eat it, and the deer would alert the monkey whenever a tiger would be near. That was the cutest part of the safari for me!

This has nothing to do with my current video which is about affordable accessories for weddings, but hey its a fun fact to share right? Coming back to the point , these are just some cute items to really stock for the next wedding you attend- theyr super affordable as well !

PS: Im wearing a mix of mac hug me and mehr in this vid

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