Yeah  I know, Push Up is not the word you usually use with makeup know what I mean? But trust Benefit to grab eyeballs with its names and packaging huh.  The push up liner is definitely one of the most intriguing eyeliners I have tried so far , its not liquid, its not felt tip, its not even a brush applicator. Its basically this little flexible pocket at the nib which squeezes out a black gel like liner in finish.


The good parts- so many things.

  • Dark, rich , jet black which people actually notice ! I swear so many people asked me which liner I was wearing when i wore this.
  • The finish it gives is that of a lush , gel liner but its actually a pen so you get gel liner in a pen form. No way!
  • It lasts super long (it lasts so long it starts to annoy you because when you try to take it off, it only gets removed with remover)
  • Does not smudge or budge

The not so good parts

  • Not at all the easiest liner to use. I mean, the thing is if you get used to using this, you will love it but it takes a long time to just get used to handling it. See when you squeeze out a bit, you get a little blob which you don’t want on your eye as your liner ends up looking uneven . But even apart from that, its a bit of a high maintenance liner. Not if you are in a big hurry and not if you are a newbie. Having said that, I actually do like using it and spending the extra effort because I love the end result

Best way to use it

  • Squeeze till you see the first trace of liner and wipe that trace down with your finger so the blob doesnt come on the eye. Then use to line your eyes squeezing gentle as you go along.

benefit-theyr-real-pushup-001benefit-theyr-real benefit-theyr-real-001black-liner-benefit-001


Verdict: B

Price: Approx 1500/-

Recommendation: They are SO many awesome things about this liner- its dark black, it looks exactly like gel liner without the hassle of a brush and lasts amazingly long with budging. However, it is not an easy liner to apply at all and definitely would take practice to get an even line , which makes it hard to use and not very easy to rely on. It can suddenly squirt out too much and result in blobs on your eye, which tends to hurt given how expensive this is

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