Gel liners are like my little pots of happiness. Theyr to me what  honey is  to Winne the Pooh, what Fairydust is to Tinkerbell…what…ok iv run out of similies. But basically I get excited when an Indian brand launches a gel liner because none of them so far have done it which is so surprising. So when the Lakme Gel Liners came out I was super excited to try because the colors they have come in are absolutely stunning!!!

I picked up Vine Yard- which is this shimmery , deep purple and its been lounging about in my drawing room so far . I say drawing room and not dresser because I love how that purple looks against my hot pink storage box in my new drawing room (decorating..yay!). The color is absolutely stunning actually!

In terms of overall quality , these gel liners are incredibly creamy, and come with a brush. The cap has a break away knob which  has an attached brush so hurray for convenience. They also last a decent while and glide on effortlessly on the lid. My only gripe is that in terms of pigmentation while these are in no ways bad, they dont pack on the kind of intense color that a gel liner usually packs on. I mean, thats why we use gel liners like- theyr the blackest blacks, the purplest purples and so on. This one is pigmented, but when you apply it on your eye it gets watered down a wee bit. Still good buys though, but not at a cheap price point

lakme-absolute-gel-addict-eyeliner-001lakme-absolute-gel-addict-eyeliner-002 lakme-absolute-gel-addict-eyeliner-003



– Comes with a handy brush

-Extremely soft, and creamy

– Glides on the eye effortlessly

– Works great as an eyeshadow base

– Lasts long

– Theyr so creamy I doubt they will dry up soon- the consistency is more similar to Bobbi Brown liners vs the Mac liners.



– While they are pigmented, they don’t have that super intense punch of color in one swipe that gel liners usually have. Theyr not  weak in pigmentation, but somehow when you apply that one swipe on your eye, you get a more watered down sort of color than what is in the pan which means you have to layer it on for this to really pack a punch

Verdict: A- / B+ …somewhere in between

Price: Rs 800

Recommendation: So many awesome things about the new Lakme Absolute gel liners. Creamy, smooth, come in stunning colors- just wish they were a tad bit more intense in color when applied on the eyes. Apart from that its all good- so great that they included a brush as well but wow that’s not a cheap price for Lakme

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