Seen the Alia Bhatt ad where she uses this fancy gadget to tame her tresses? I couldn’t resist getting my hands on it specially because the Philips Kerashine range of gadgets are something that I absolutely love – the previously launched  Kerashine Hair Styler is always at home when I want to rush out for a party.

I have to give it to Philips- they have really innovated with this Kerashine range and taken care of small nuances you face while styling your hair. For example- the Hair styler has retractable bristles so when you curl your hair, so your hair cannot get stuck in the bristles as they retract with the click of the button. The same way this “Air straightener” is actually a blow dryer in the form of a hair brush!

What it does & how to use it 

– Essentially if you have always struggled with holding a blow dryer and a hairbrush together on your hair (who doesnt struggle with that!), this solves that purpose. You plug it in and switch it on and brush your hair- it works as a brush -cum-blowdryer so its actually quite a genius invention

– Use on towel dried hair thats still damp but not dripping wet- like how you would use a regular blow drier


Whats to like

– Blowdryer cum hairbrush in one? Are you kidding me– whats not to like?

– Like the other kerashine gadgets, this leaves hair looked healthy and shiny

-Gives volume in the blow dry, and doesn’t make hair flat.

– Easy to use for people starting out with blow driers and those in a rush
Whats not to like

– If you are looking for a hair straightener, this is not it. It doesn’t give you the flat iron kind of  sleek, straightening effect, but does give you a blow dried look

– It takes some practice to make it give you like an inswept, or outswept blow dry look. As of now all iv managed is basic blow dried hair without curls at the bottom,.



Left: Before, Right: After


I will be giving away one Philips Essential Care Air Straightener autographed by Alia Bhatt to you guys! Details about the contest will be up tommorow !

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