And beautiful, straight hair courtesy the Philips Air Straightener go to…..


She said: I need this air straightener because I have mid-calf length hair and any attempt to tame my hair with a brush and dryer ends up in messed up, tangled and all over the place hair. Not to mention my tired arms and throbbing head would no doubt be soothed by using just a brush and not having to manoeuvre million things through them. It’s fun to see me work on the hair though, plonked down on a couch, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, taking breaks in between, snacking and then giving up, because it is too much work! Not for a minute do I want to chop down my tresses but something to tame them and make them even more glamorous will be Godsend.

Winner has been chosen by the Philips team ! Pallavi do email me your contact details and address at peachesandblush at gmail dot com

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