Sultry Sulfureuese sounds like something that would have given me nightmares in balancing chemical equations in grade eight, but its really just the name of my newest OBSESSION. No jokes people, Im totally obsessed with this little stick of soft, pillowy pinkness – its my new best friend. It travels with me everywhere, keeps all my secrets and picks me up when Im feeling low. But most importantly it keeps my lips looking pink and pretty, pillowy soft and moisturized the entire day!!!

The Revlon Matte Balms are what everyone in the blogosphere is raving about and I’m so glad they finally made it to India. I have to admit, I expected these to be totally over-hyped but I’m glad I was wrong people.Not only do these give great pigmentation, they have a soft matte finish, totally moisturizing, feel tingly and cooling on the lips but best of all last 8 hours without moving. I can’t think of anything that’s wrong with these and that pisses me off because hey its my JOB to find out the nuances of a product. It’s so hard to find long lasting lipsticks that are also moisturizing and pigmented but this is exactly that!

Only thing- I wish they had more colors in these. This beautiful, medium rose pink is basically the only one I really felt like picking up. Everything else was too light for my skintone, but this gorgeous pink called Sultry Sulfureuse is the perfect dusty rose color for all Indian skintones.

Revlon-matte-balm-stain-sultry-sulfureuse-001 Revlon-matte-balm-stain-sultry-sulfureuse-002 Revlon-matte-balm-stain-sultry-sulfureuse-003 Revlon-matte-balm-stain-sultry-sulfureuse-004




  • Super pigmented
  • Moisturizing
  • Glides easily
  • Nice, matte finish that is non drying
  • Lasts for a long time (atleast 8 hours!)


  • Cant think of any. Wish they had more colors that suited me though

Verdict: A+

Price: Rs 800/-

Recommendation: I LOVE THESE . Dying to get another color in this because not only are these pigmented, moisturizing , and give a matte finish but they last the entire day without requiring a touch up. Only thing is, didn’t find too many other colors I would really like to buy.

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