Makeup Removers-  They are literally the FIRST thing I pack in my bag when i travel out of town, and if you girls are getting married then even more than makeup, invest in a remover. Its scary how ghost like you look at the end of a day of dressing up, feras, tears and then the hotel room! Here are my five top picks!

– Mac Pro Makeup Remover: Iv been a Mac Pro Loyalist for years and this purple bottle came in super handy for me when I tied the knot. It takes one gentle swipe to remove makeup thats 3 layers deep and it doesnt leave you with a layer of thick oil on your face which is icky!

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– Colorbar Ultimate makeup remover: Im using this currently and though its not cheap its EXCELLENT. It removes makeup with absolute ease, it doesn’t leave my face looking super oily or super dry and the bi phased formula is amazing. One thing you may not know- my youtube videos I film 10 videos in ONE DAY. Yes 10 in a day so can you imagine the number of makeup changes I have to do- this comes in handy.

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– Maybelline Totally Clean Makeup Remover: I tried this at my cousins place one night and loved how this affordable bottle was also super effective. Yes, it did leave some amount of residue on my face, but I can totally deal at that price.

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– Coconut Oil : There is no makeup remover like Coconut Oil. It wipes makeup clean in one swipe, and though for oily skin girls this is much too heavy, sometimes after a hard days work coconut oil is the only remover I want to take that stubborn waterproof mascara off. Its definitely the most effective, but yes it is thick and leaves your face oily

-Vita Age Aurum Aqua Micellare: The name sounds all sci-fi, but the best thing about this product is that its a toner, a makeup remover and dare I say moisturizer rolled into one. The makeup remover aspect might not be as strong as some of the names above and you will need to work harder, but for everyday makeup removal its perfect and it leaves your face without any residue and your face feels supple and moisturized after using this without the need for an extra layer of cream!

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