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Hi girls, remember the Philips air straightener I spoke about a few days back, well you now have a chance to get a limited edition variant one for yourself- that too autographed by the cutie Alia Bhatt!!! The Philips Air Straightener is basically a hairbrush cu, dryer rolled into one- no more struggling with dryers and brushes, you just comb through your hair and the brush emits heat. Its actually pretty cool and has become one of my staple products along with the Kerashine Hair Styler which I love as well.


How to enter the contest

1. Comment below with why you need the air straightener AND

2. Upload a picture of Alia Bhatt where you think her hairstyle was fantastic to any social media account you have (It could be pinterest, FB, Twitter, Instagram) and use the hashtags #philips #kerashine #aliabhatt

(Dont forget to mention in the comment where yv uploaded the pic)

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