For those of you who find it hard to get a winged eyeliner, this might help a little bit. I am actually not a bigwinged eyeliner person- I throw it on for fun sometimes, but I prefer keeping eyes simple and focusing on the rest of the face. However I have to do it- winters in delhi just scream for red lips and winged eyeliner.

The liner im using in the video is:

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Eyeliner

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Framboise  (love that color)


Some important tips to keep in mind while making a winged eye:

  • I like to go halfway the distance betweene ye and eyebrow for the wing
  • Make sure the liner is thinner in your inner corner to center of your eye and thicker at the outer corner
  • Dont stretch your eye while making a winged liner
  • Felt tip liners or liquid liners are the nicest winged liners, gel liners not so much
  • Choose a thickness yr comfortable with- I do a thinner winged eyeliner than usual


Britney-ish “Oops i did it again” type pose!

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