chambor-extreme-matt I am a person of extremes- that’s for sure. Right from mood swings that can go all pendulam like in one day to having extreme feelings towards things (Give me curry chawal everyday and I will be happy for a month) to having extreme work hours (I can work non stop 24/7 without a break in between). Thankfully I found a husband who is like the god of moderateness (the guy doesn’t even have water thats ‘too cold’ from the fridge because the temperatue has to be moderate to drink!) . So coming to these “Xtreme” Matte Lipcolors – as much of an extremist I am, the name scared me. Extreme matte? Im thinking flaky lips, dryness and major settling into lines.

Well thankfully, thats not the case with the Chambor Matte lipcolors. To the contrary actually- they are quite creamy and envelope your lips in a blanket of saturated pigment which is quite flattering. I have to say they are a tad bit drying after the first hour- I found myself reaching out to vaseline or constantly licking my lips  (Lead…yum…NOT) so if you have dry lips you may want to stay away. I also found that while one of these settled into lines (the pink one), the other did not so I guess it differs from shade to shade

Overall though, I think the finish is super super matte which is quite chic – there is nothing quite as fun as a bright, pop of stark matte color on your lips. They are extremely long lasting (I mean honey, unless you are having a full on make out session these wont budge), and nice to throw in your bag. Definitely do keep the drying out factor in mind though

Shade wise– the pink (Exotic Fuschia) was too cool toned for me and made me look like I have a disease-so pick the pink only if you are pale, cool  toned.  The red (Fiery Red)  is quite flattering and super hot.




  • Creamy to apply and dont tug
  • Long lasting – stay put the entire day
  • Super pigmented- opaque in one swipe
  • Nice, matte finish that is chic
  • Saturated color that gives a good finish


  • Can be a bit drying

Verdict : Between a B+ and an A-

Price: 795/-

Recommendation: These xtreme matte lip colors by chambor are super pigmented, super matte, super long lasting with a stellar finish but they are a tad bit drying (Apply chapstick underneath for best results). I do like them though and the shade Fiery Red is a super hot shade for cold wintery nights, with crisp black eyeliner and warm woollens :) . The fuschia one is too cool toned for my skin


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