Hi girls, this is a messy bun I love doing whenever I want a more glam hairstyle thats ready in under five minutes. Its super easy and when Sunsilk approached me to make a hair tutorial video I had to do this quick tutorial. You will basically need a small hair tie, a large hair tie or a sock cut into half (to make a wrist band kind of shape) and a few pins.

This video is a sponsored video, however I HAVE been using the Sunsilk Thick and Strong shampoo and conditioner and what it does do is add volume to my hair, so if your hair feels limp I think its a nice shampoo to use – specially if you need to do some hairstyles like these. Its always nice to have some voluminous hair.

In other news, Im now in Hyderabad for my diwali break, and honestly I have gone a bit crazy over the last week shopping. Like iv bought a pair of earrings, an anarkali, a sweater, a jacket, a pair of boots, some countless number of lipsticks, a dressing table…phew. The online shopping discounts made me go a little cuckoo. Let me know if you want to see a haul and maybe Ill film it into a video.Also since I have more time now, hopefully some product reviews shall be rolled out because my only job here is to eat, sleep, party repeat. :)


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