Stripey things make me happy *la-la-la*. I know most people  have some sort of opinion on stripes (They make me look fat, I look like a zebra, Theyr too boring) but me- nope. Give me a solid black and white striped tee and I will style it in a zillion ways possible. The curtains in my house are self striped, my favourite highlighter -The Bobbi Brown shimmer brick is striped and this little bundle of happyness is striped as well .

I mean three pink stripes in one , gorgeous super shiney, rose gold colored reflective box? You just made my month! But what is great about this blush is that I cannot for the life of me understand if its a cream or a powder blush. I mean, it doesn’t seem powder to touch, it seems kind of like a cream blush, but you apply it with a regular brush and it gives the feel of a powder blush! Very strange, crem-powder texture but I absolutely LOVE it.

Gorgeous, gorgeous poppy pink color (like Mac dollymix) which makes my warm skin light up and radiate , super silky smooth finish which blends effortlessly and all in all just a gorgeous way to start a day. It instantly puts you in a good mood and on my dry skin it lasts 6 hours with ease. Hurrah!

loreal-paris-magique0lucent-blush-001 loreal-paris-magique0lucent-blush-002 loreal-paris-magique0lucent-blush-003


Verdict : A+

Price: Rs 760/-
Recommendation: This L’oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush in Fuschia Flush is my new favourite makeup obsession. Not only does it look gorgeous in its packaging , its pigmented, super silky and smooth, blendable and long lasting. Moreover Fuschia Flush instantly adds brightness to my skin and I think girls who are darker than me will enjoy this warm pink as well.  It has a cream to powder finish (feels cream but applies like a powder blush)

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