Hi girlies,

Its October and even though Delhi has shown no signs of winter AT ALL , Im hopeful the coming week is going to be a pleasant change. Dont know about you, but when I hear coffee and cinnamon calling my name in the mornings, I know my favourite season is around the corner, and while the Game of thrones reference in the title is totally Pun intended, this lust list is all about the impending winter.

In other rambly news, Iv been searching for a dresser for my room in the new house and I cant find ANYTHING i like. Any of you recommend some online shops with good dressers that dont cost like 70,000. I actually designed my DREAM dresser a while ago (not in terms of looks but in terms of utlility) and told my brother to  help me get it made (He got too busy and now my project is abandoned). DO you think I should go show these designs to a carpenter (I customised it to the point where it had seperate sections for my lipsticks and what not.  Would you guys like to see my design and give inputs)

1. Slouchy Boots: Okay, so I have been searching for slouchy boots for the past two seasons, but everytime I think of coming close to buying a pair either the season is already over or the boots have heels that are too high, and I have like a checklist of things I need my boots to be- low or no heel, slouchy and fitted. Anyone spotted any good ones?

2. Guerlain A  Night at the Opera Collection Pallette & Perfume: OH MY GOD. This collection by Guerlain is BEYOND amazing. Has the perfect shades for Indian skintones and this pallette has tones of rich gold, brown, bronze and just yummyness all around. WANT. The perfume – I just love the bottle with the pump dispenser. Victoria Secret makes a similar pump dispenser one- Always love those.

3. Gucci Fume Magnetic eyeshadow pallete: I know it looks so blah in the picture but in the close up photo at Temptalia, this looks so intense and rich and perfect for dark, wintery nights.

4. Merlot colored Cardigan: I have this insane attraction to deep, wine reds the minute it starts to get cool. I just bought like a plain full sleeves camisole from Zara and this chunky cable knit one in that color is just so stunning. That color paired with tan or grey boots= perfection.


5. Dresser:Saw this on pinterest and fell in love with it. Its not practical for me because I need too much storage, but would be so pretty to have an all glass dresser

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