Ummm its a tough call to pick a kajal. Even though I love the blackness of the eyeconic, I hate the fact that it doesnt remove easily at the end of the day- so I usually use Collosal but then thats not creamy enough. So thats a toss up- but i flitter between these two and sometimes use my chambor kajal as well.


Maybelline Colossal Kajal in Black- only kajal that i have ever repurchased. Its intense black, lasts 5-6 hours on my waterline without irritating my eyes.


Has to be Maybelline Colossal Kajal and Lakme Eyeconic.


Maybelline 36 hour gel eyeliner- I love using it as kajal as it stays for entire ay and its blackest black.


I literally jumped out in joy when the Bobbi Brown Defined Gel Eyeliner hit stores. Its the same formulation as the gel liners in a pot, but this one comes in a convenient retractable pencil. Super pigmentation and great wear time. And some gorgeous shades too. Though my favourite remains the black one.


I’m yet to find a kajal that stays put. Nothing ever is smudge proof on my lids. I use the Lakme Eyeconic. Satisfied. But not my HG product.


Lakme Absolute Ultimate Kohl!


I am totally a kajal girl and I feel very incomplete without it. Normally I use Mac ‘Feline’ but I also like to use Mac gel liner in ‘Blacktrack’ as kajal too


I’m not much of a kajal person since black kajal makes my eyes look really weird and dark so I’m sticking to a hint of Lakmé Eyeconic kajal in White on my eyes.. It brighten’s my eyes and compliments my YSL eyeliner really well.

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