Hi girls,

Someone asked me about the messy side bun I was wearing in my August Favourites video here, so thought I would do a quick tutorial for that. Honestly, this is for people who have zero time, having a bad hair day and don’t want something extra complicated. Its not the prettiest looking bun, but it really does serve the purpose and I have a more formalish version of this coming up soon as well.

In other news, Iv been so busy ( as usual) that Iv just been snacking on all sorts of junk to keep my energy and in the process I have now gained quite a bit of weight. ACK ! Anyone have some nice tips to lose weight which doesnt involve cuttind down on sugar or dieting like a crazy person. Cant do those two. So far, Iv switched up my namkeens in the house to puffed rice, put Pita and Hummus in the fridge as a healthy snack (thought honestly the amount of olive oil in that thing is by no means healthy. Its quite fattening) , and trying to eat a large breakfast so that my dinner is super light.

Oh and the eyeshadow look for this video- thats a two minute thing as well (you know me right- everything is two minutes or its useless) , tutorial for that soon!



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