Lazy Girl’s Guide to Fitness!

Whoever said – “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” – clearly had never encountered a tempting cupcake. If they did, they’d be gorging on one like me too. Or, a few. Who cares? It’s not a competition and I believe in being happy. You can’t be sad when you have a cupcake in hand! However, running between various events, snacking, and tempting foods to pig on – kilos do add up.  Did you guys see the ghee laden special Navratra delicacies?

Losing weight takes a lot of dedication and patience. But even when you cannot bring yourself to count calories or work out diligently, there are simple tips and tricks that can turn the scale of weight in your favor.

1 - Lemon&HoneyWater

1. Lemon/Honey Water: Start your day right with a glass of warm water with a little honey and lemon. It’s great for metabolism and keeps energy levels up.

2 - MealSizeMatters

2. Meal Size Matters: Eat a BIG breakfast to get your day started and finish the evening with a light, early dinner. That’s right, we Indians have it wrong with our chai mornings rituals and triple-course meals at late night. We need our energy during the day, hence have larger meals early on. At night we’re going to bed, so any excess food goes right to the gut, thighs, and back. This is a CORE rule for everyone. That added with eating in a small plate works wonders to curb excess eating.

3 - No Starving Yourself

3.No Starving Yourself Allowed!: Denying food to yourself is the reason why you reach out for those greasy or over-sweet things later in the day. Eat/snack more often to maintain your sugar levels from dipping to avoid the hunger pangs, just keep the meals balanced and don’t overeat.
4 - Drink More Water

4. Drink water before meals: Before every meal, drink a glass of water. It helps in making you feel full earlier so cuts down consumption of calories. Also, at times when the body feels hungry it’s often just thirsty! Staying hydrated cuts down on binging.

5. Snack Healthy with Fruits and Veggies: Chuck out the processed, fried snacks and make space for fruits and healthier options, like carrot sticks. To spice it up, make and store a Thai peanut sauce dip. It goes well with almost everything and is oh-so-yummy!
6 - Sodas & Juice a No No

6. Sodas and Juices are a No-No: Don’t drink empty calories. Show the door to juices, cola, shakes and bring in water flavored with fresh fruits, lemon, mint. Also, cut down on sugar from tea & coffee. Reduce it in small amounts to a level that you are comfortable with. Empty calories do you no good.
7 - Exercise

7. Exercise!: Sneak exercise in your schedule. If you can’t, consider just moving around more. Take the stairs, park the car a little farther off from your destination, stretch and walk around every half an hour. Do go for an evening stroll to relax both mind and body. Or like me, do Yoga.

Guest Post By Guest Blogger Pallavi

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