The Natures Co Waterlily Body Mist Aquaspark Review (2)

The Natures Co Waterlily Body Mist Aquaspark Review

I hadn’t the faintest idea about the difference between a perfume and a body mist OR a deo and body mist. I always thought it is a nicer name for a deo – just a fancy name, a marketing gimmick to get us to spend more money you know!

So girls, I have done my research and here is how a body mist is different –

1.       Less concentrated than perfume (lighter) – so it will stay a lesser amount of time

2.       Definitely cheaper

3.       More alcohol content than perfume

In short, it isn’t a gas filled version like a deodorant but a watered down version of a perfume. Now that we have cleared up our idea about what it is, let us discuss my current favourite body mist – The Natures Co Water Lily body mist.

The bottle says it is a mixture fresh floral and sea smells – I quite agree with that description. I don’t know if waterlily smells that great in real life – but this is a perfect summer morning scent in my opinion. Think of yourself in Seychelles, standing in the balcony with the sea spraying softly against your face- thats the kind of fresh, oceanic smell this reminds me of. Its clean, its fresh, it adds an instant zing to your step everyday!

While it does smell great, you would need to reapply this atleast 2-3 times in a workday because it does have a tendency to fade (its a body mist duh!)

The Natures Co Waterlily Body Mist Aquaspark Review (1)The Natures Co Waterlily Body Mist Aquaspark Review (3)


  • Fresh floral oceanic smell
  • Nice packaging
  • Much cheaper than perfumes
  • Stays for a decent amount of time on me


  • Doesn’t travel well – the cap keeps getting lost in my bag resulting in product wastage
  • Doesn’t stay through the day – definitely need to reuse 2-3 times

Rating: A-

Price: INR 475 for 100ml

Overall recommendation: Great summer fragrance at a pocket friendly price. I will definitely repurchase.

Guest Review By Swastika

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