Soooooo… rather boring whats in my bag with a rather boring looking office bag !!!  Maybe I shall do an updated Whats in my bag when I  purchase my new bag this year (Every year I allow myself one bag indulgence that’s totally over priced but totally yummy).

Anyway, how are you guys holding up in the run up to Diwali . Im packing my bags for Hyderabad cos that’s where I celebrate diwali every year , but still have some taash parties to attend before I head there for good.

Its just so hard- having something appropriate to wear for taash parties in Delhi. If yr a Delhiite you would know what I mean- The dress code is Indian, but you can’t wear like stuff that makes it look like you are attending a wedding so you need to have these casualish Indian options in your closet which are festive. I always end up wearing my Pallazo and Kurta ensemble which I love so much but if you have some other ideas please let me know

PS: I hate how Im looking in this video, but oh well- there is like this crop of videos in the middle which I filmed where the lighting was terrible and this is one of them. I should have some of the nice ones starting tommorow.

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