You know the kind of pleasure you get when you discover a new pair of jeans that just feels right? It fits perfect, makes your butt look good, is super comfortable to wear and well..almost feels like..home . Well when it comes to lipsticks that’s kind of how I feel when I try a new range I love and this Loreal paris Infallible range is just Love.Love.Love . (Reminds you of Teresa Guidice from RHONJ? ) While the colors are a bit too out there for my liking- from initial impressions I am absolutely loving the quality of these. They are pigmented, comfortable to wear and last the entire day ! But wait for detailed reviews in a bit. This post is just swatches and first impressions!

2-revlon-colorstay-lipsticks-001 3-revlon-colorstay-lipsticks-002 4-revlon-colorstay-lipsticks-003

From left to Right: Always Apricot, Ravishing Red, Forever Fuschia, Charismatic Coral, Resilient Raisin, Persistent Plum,

As you can see not the most imaginative names haan? Ravishing red? Come on now L’oreal thats the first name a 10th grader would think of if she had to name a red lipstick. Anyway, here are a few thoughts on the shades…

Always apricot is not really apricot -its more a bright orange and I wish this was more of a burnt, peachy, apricot color because I love the quality of these lipsticks so much that I would have definitely bought a second if the color was nicer. But its still a prettyy orange, just a more out there color

Ravishing red is actually quite a beautiful coral toned red . Its warm toned and I think a lot of Indian girls are going to lap this up  because come winters this would make a killer red lip

 Forever fuschia (cliche name much?)  is another super gorgeous hot pink. I love this one on me a lot and I think if you are on the hunt for a hot pink lipstick this should have you covered

Charismatic Coral is 99% like always Apricot so that was dissapointing

Resilient Raisin and Persistent Plum are shades for the much deeper complexions and I think these two would be loved by the dusky girls who like plummy or brown lipsticks.

5-revlon-colorstay-lipsticks-004 6-revlon-colorstay-lipsticks-005 7-revlon-colorstay-lipsticks-006


Overall, I will get into detailed reviews a bit later on but for now in terms of quality these lipsticks are top class. I mean rarely do I ever get SO impressed with a lipstick but this range really does have it all- longevity, texture and pigment all in one…


9-revlon-colorstay-lipsticks-008Psst: Check out the little corner I decorated in my house.


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