Hi girlies, I filmed this video quite a while back so I guess I should call it fall skincare routine because now that the cold has set in my routine is much more intense as compared to this (maybe ill do an updated version soon!)

Till then hope you like this video…there are some new videos coming soon as well which I filmed super early in the morning so I look soooo sleepy and initially I was a bit apprehensive of putting them up but then I thought what the hell, I cant get super ready for each video- Its exhausting :p

Loreal UV Perfect Tinted Moisturizer: I love this because not only is it super hydrating , but its also very light weight and also has an SPF 50 along with being tinted. So its kind of like my 3 in one wonder product but somehow I haven tbeen able to find it in any store recently so I dont know if its been discontinued or its just low on stocks. But LOVE this

– Lakme CC Cream mixed with Clinique Moisturizer: Since the CC Cream has some really great qualities eg: it instantly brightens my face I like to use it but its definitely not hydrating enough for me so I mix it with my Clinique moisturizer to use it everyday. I only use this because my Loreal moisturizer is finished. Otherwise I wouldnt have needed it

– Keihls Sunscreen: Usually use my Neutrogena Dry touch but ever since I got this as a sample have been using this one instead. Really nice, light, breathable with high SPF

– Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser: Best cleanser EVER . I love it because it restores balance to my face- dont know how else to put it. It is super mild – doesnt strip my face of oils and cleanses delicately but efficiently

– Natures Co Coffee Face Scrub: OMG YUM. No jokes this scrub is THE deal for winter mornings. The instant pick me up I need.

-Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate: Holy grail product. Seriously, this thing is my skin saviour. My skin behaves better when i have this on, it doesnt break out and it feels more hydrated and balanced overall. All my skin marks seem reduced and I just wake up to beautiful, plumped skin.

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