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It used to be the Loreal UV Perfect Tinted Moisturizer but that has been discontinued. So currently mixing together the Lakme CC Cream with the regular Loreal moisturizer so that I get some coverage as well as moisture (Lakme CC Cream alone is too drying for me). I also have the Ponds BB Cream and sometimes use that as well.


Ponds White Beauty BB Cream is my everyday staple. Its quick to apply & covers minor blemishes.


I have to apply MAC Prep and Prime Base Visage every single day .. whether I’m wearing makeup or not .. i just feels it suits my skin perfectly and just gives a smooth and nice finish..


Lakme CC cream is my fav base for daily. It moisturizes and evens out my face :)


I have been using the Maybelline Clear Glow BB stick in the shade Fawn for the longest time. It is pure magic rolled up into a stick. It covers up blemishes, evens out skin tone, has SPF, doesn’t break me out and almost feels like second skin….Need I ask for anything more.


Everyday base product you use- this could be a tinted moisturizer, just a moisturizer or a foundation!
Three bases.. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, Lacto Calamine moisturiser and Lotus herbal sunscreen.. Followed by dusting a bit of Rimmel stay matte compact and I’m donePicture3

I use the Garnier BB cream!


I have been using a medicated moisturizer called ‘Alokem 75’ mixed with a tiny bit of Calamine lotion during the summer. No other products on my face if I am not stepping out of the house. Other than that I love Deborah BB cream for outings.Picture14

 I recently tried out Maybelline’s Dream Pure BB cream and it was worth the money and has definitely got added to my most used products.

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