Sephora Instant Moisturiser Review (2) Sephora Instant Moisturiser Review

So I am always on a lookout for my HG moisturiser but till date I have always had failed attempts with all my purchases.  I never lose the hope of finding ‘the one’ for me and that’s why one day when I was at Sephora I spotted this moisturiser and picked it up. So was it great? Lets find out

Well honestly I had high hopes with this one when I tested it at the store but I wasn’t satisfied when I used it for some weeks. It has a light texture but it isn’t runny or thick so it spreads easily on the face and gets absorbed quickly. It even has some shiny particles but I don’t really like these particles. It gives a semi dewy finish without making skin oily as this moisturiser is an oil free one.

It even claims that after using this moisturiser 80% of the women said that their skin is more beautiful but I find it completely false. It is just an average moisturiser and nothing more than that .

It turned to be an average summer moisturiser but it won’t work for me in winters or even during fall. So definitely I am not repurchasing this and would give any other moisturiser a try. But girls with normal or oily skin can give it a try, im sure it would work for you. Moreover, I find it a bit overpriced for the quantity provided because even though only pea sized product is required but the mini tube wont last long.

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  • Gets quickly absorbed in skin
  • Doesn’t make skin look greasy
  • Oil free
  • Have come shiny particle (Though I don’t like this fact)


  • A bit expensive considering the quantity provided.
  • Wont suit people with dry skin during winters.
  • False claim of more beautiful skin.

Rating: B

Price: Rs.800 for 30mL

Recommendation: It is an average moisturiser which gives the required moisturisation during summers but would fail to do that in winters for those having dry skin but on the other hand it would work for oily skinned beauties.

Guest Review By Aanchal

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