If there is one video of mine you should see, I think it should be this one. Simply because no matter how many tutorials you try to follow you wont get them right till you get the basics right in detail and thats what iv attempted to do in this video. Basically tell you guys where to place the eyeshadows, how to blend etc.

Essentially here are the basics

1. Identify your creaseline. This is where your skin folds into a crease

2. Choose three tones- one shimmery shadow, one medium toned  shadow and one deeper toned shadow

3. The shimmery shadow should be applied with a flat shader brush and start patting it closest to the lash line so that as you move up the color diffuses

4. The shimmery color should not cross the crease line

4. The medium toned eyeshadow should be applied with a fluffy blending brush like the Mac 217. Look into the mirror and poke the brush inside the crease. Use this placement as reference and start blending it so that a wash of color is showing in your crease line.

5. When blending, make sure to hold your brush from the end rather than close to the bristles. You want your strokes to be loose and blendy, not hard – you ca n only achieve this if you hold the brush from further away

6. Now with the darkest shadow, deposit it into your outer corner like a V. Try not to make this shadow go beyond your crease line as well.


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