1-DSC07850 Let’s face it. Bows are hard to resist.

When they come on top of t-shirts, they always seem to find a way into my shopping cart, when they come on makeup then well all levels of cuteness are broken and I have to admit this classic black bow atop this perfume gives it that little bit of oomph it would have otherwise lacked.

Lets talk about the bottle for a minute – a classic, clear narrow bottle with a large black bow on top it . The glass, the gold and the black all come together to paint an elegant picture with a bit of fun !

As far as the perfume is concerned, on first impressions this smells very floral. All I smelt is tuberose and honeysuckle and all sort of flowers in a garden and considering Im not a very sweet, floral person I didn’t love this at first whiff. I think however this is one of the scents that grows on you- after the first ten minutes of floral sweetness settles down, there is something earthy, hearty, musky about it. Overall I think this perfume is for a grown up woman – sophisticated, gorgeous and walking down a floral garden. If you love sweet floral perfumes, you will love this- me Im more of a warm vanilla scent person .

I have to say though even though the scent is not me, the boy seems to love this surprisingly.

Full points for lasting power, this lasts really long

2-estee-lauder-modern-muse1 3-modern-muse-estee-lauder 1-DSC07849

Verdict: B+

Price: 7900 for 100 ml

Recommendation: Modern Muse by Estee Lauder smells like a string of flowers- from jasmine, honeysuckle to tuberose and finally settles into a somewhat earthy territory. Im not a huge florals person , so i think this is best suited for girls who are!

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