Chocolate is tempting enough, semi sweet chocolate which has a hint of bitterness is irresistible, but semisweet chocolate bar eyeshadow pallette? Well that’s just next level people. With shadows that are the most gorgeous neutrals, this is the kind of pallette I would lap up in a second. ¬†Oh if only it were available in India (Luxola are you listening?)…

Saw this over on temptalia this morning and all I can think about is how this would be the perfect birthday present (which by the way is today, yes you can go ahead and wish me now ladies :p . Did you know by the way, every two years I age 1 year on the blog – its just heartbreaking to go change my age in the ‘about me’ section so I only update it after two years *sneaky*.

toofaced_semisweetbar001 toofaced_semisweetbar002toofaced_semisweetbar010Pictures from temptalia

Imagine the shade peanut butter , with truffled in your crease or the purpley gorgeous shades worn all together. So stunninnnngggg! I just wish the blue shade was a deep purple and they had some gorgeous green shadows in it – it would be amazing.



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