2-mac-eyeshadow-heirloom-mix-001 Prim and proper? More like wicked and naughty girlies…this shimmery pot of rich, dark grey goodness is the perfect addition to your clubbing night out with the girls when you feel like ‘not such a good girl’. Its like my husband says – your mood changes with what you wear- he likes me the most when Im in my tinkerbell sweatshirt, and least when I wear something black with dark lips . With this on my eyes, it would definitely be a “Dont mess with me’ kind of day!

Prim and proper is a charcoal grey with lots of bright, silver shimmer specks that would make a killer smokey eye . Just do a regular smokey eye and add this on top as a pop for that extra sparkle. LOVE it, and even though I think grey looks terrible on me this one looks straight out fabulous!

In terms of texture, these are actually pressed pigments and hence I find they are much more pigmented than regular shadows- they pack a punch and look super stunning on the eyes. They do have a bit of fallout however, and even though they are creamy and soft to apply I find they aren’t as blendable as some of Mac’s other shadows which is a bit of a bummer


Verdict: B+

Price: Approx 1300

Recommendation: Prim and proper is a pressed pigment from Mac which is super pigmented and a gorgeous dark, charcoal grey (its honestly much pretttier than what the swatch shows_. Inspite of beng a grey this is lovely on my warm skintone . However it does have fallout issues and is a tiny bit hard to blend as compared to other shadows.


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