The other day, I was watching this movie on Romedy Now (thats my go-to way to kill time when I have some to spare) called Letters to Juliette. It was one of those classic, good old romantic comedies that give you a warm , tingly feeling inside. Yknow- those feelings of sweet nothings, first dates and soft, flushed cheeks that the Mac Mineralise blush in sweet sentiment is likely to give.

If I had to describe this blush in one word- it would be romantic. Its just a beautiful, whisper of soft petal pink and on lighter skintones I can imagine this being absolutely beautiful . On me it is a tad bit light but since my skintone goes atleast two tones lighter in the winter time I am loving the kiss of baby pink on my cheeks. But if you are dusky or even a bit more towards the medium range than I currently am,  then this may end up looking a bit chalky or not showing up at all.

In terms of blush quality, always like Mac Mineralize blushes . They are super pigmented, finely milled , blend like a dream and last long. Whats not to love? 3-mac-sweet-sentiment-mineralize-blush 1-mac-sweetsentiment0heirloommix4-mac-mineralize0blush-sweet-sentiment1-mac-sweet-sentiment-mineralize0blush1

Verdict :A

Price: Approx 2000 Rs

Recommendation:  Mac Sweet sentiment blush is one of those beautiful, barely there whisper of pinks best suited for lighter skintones. Since I am a few shades lighter in winters I am loving this romantic kiss of pink on my cheeks. So sweet, blendable and pigmented .

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