Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in Choco Latte

It was a usual day in the mall when I spotted the Maybelline colorshow lipsticks stashed away near the Maybelline counter. I nearly shrieked in excitement honestly- these little tubes are ALWAYS out of stock where I live and the only ones that seem in stock are the ugly shades , so yes my usual day just went a notch higher because of the Maybelline distributor doing his job that day.

New workwear favourite right here people. Choco-latte from the Maybelline colorshow range is the perfect MLBB for dusky skintones, its the pinky brown type of color that is perfect for office and even though I don’t like browns one bit this one isn’t half bad ! Not to mention how affordable this range is – I mean for 299 INR you get precious little in the world these days. But these cuties pack a punch- excellent pigmentation, super creamy and very good lasting power of about 5 hours.

The color Choco-latte is a brown with pink undertones. I have mentioned before that browns are not my scene and except from Bobby Brown Italian rose there is nothing brown I usually love, but this is not an aunty brown. It has subtle pink undertones and I think its going to set off deep, dusky skintones beautifully as an MLBB . For medium skintones like mine this works as a nice winter shade for office- it is a tad bit deeper than what I wear usually but looks so effortless and lovely.1-maybelline-colorshow-chocolatte-lipstick2-maybelline-colorshow-chocolattelipstick4-maybelline-colorshow-chocolatte-lipstick15-maybellinecolorshowchocolatte1-Peachesandblush4

 Verdict: A+

Price: Rs 299/-

Recommendation: For the price you pay, the quality you get is AH-MAZING.  The colorshow lipsticks  are pigmented, creamy, non drying and last a good 5 hours. They do wear off and fade unevenly which is rather un-becoming but seriously at 299 I am doing summersaults if that’s the only negative . This shade- choco-latte is a soft rosy brown which is going to look fab on duskier girls!

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