Aloha people !

About a month or so back I got the entire Olay Total Effects 7 in one range to ring in my upcoming birthday. (Btw, every year Im like – this year I shall start on an anti ageing routine and honestly ever year I fail to. Pfft. So annoying.) Since the Olay day cream was an Elle beauty award winner for 2014 my interest definitely piqued.

Anyway so the range comprises of 4 things- The Day cream, the anti ageing serum, the Nightcream and the cleanser. The day cream is probably the one that your guys are most familiar with as its the most advertised on tv, and the way I used this range was basically- start with the day cream in the mornings. When I returned home, I used the cleanser and then I sort of alternated between the serum and night cream before sleeping. Or sometimes I just applied both.

I have to say my favourite products from the entire range is the night cream- first of all because the boy loves how it smells. LOL. I have no idea why but every time I wear this he thinks my face smells good (if that makes any sense). But more importantly I love that its so nourishing and moisturizing without being heavy. Its super lightweight but it does give me the moisture I need at night and in the mornings I wake up to more supple, hydrated skin.

I also like the serum a lot , but I usually use it with the night cream since my skin needs an extra moisture boost. The cleanser is pretty nice as well- its mild and refreshing and doesnt leave my face feeling tight or dry. In respect to the day cream- while I love the consistency of it and the super convenient nozzle packing, my skin is extremely dry so the  cream alone doesn’t provide enough moisture for me use it everyday (and I prefer a higher SPF) hence I have limited use for it.

In terms of visible effects- Ill be honest here judging an anti ageing regimen is near impossible . What i will say is my skin over the course of four weeks is definitely more supple and soft, and in that sense looks healthier than it usually would. With skin as dry as mine its easy for it to look sallow but because of the moisture boost iv been given, it definitely looks more plump and hydrated.

What will i repurchase: The night cream , I think its a really good buy and rivals some of the other high end ones iv tried.

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Verdict :  A for the Nightcream, A- for the serum, A for the cleanser and B+ for the day cream

Recommendation: My favourite product from the Olay total effects 7 in 1 range was definitely the night cream- it moisturizes well, smells amazing and is incredibly lightweight. But overall after four weeks of use I feel my skin did become softer and more healthy with this regime, not sure how else to measure anti ageing claims !

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