Whats better than a new blush in the mail? Three blushes in the mail ofcourse and when they come as pretty as these do, it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Yes- new purchases make me happy Im shallow like that. Go ahead and judge !

Anyway, so remember that big Luxola Haul I did a while back – this is one of the things I got from there and iv been loving it so far. The one below is called Lace which coincidentally is a material I also love (infact whenever we are in Zara and I pick up a top with lace on it , the my mom rolls her eyes and is like that is so normal and YOU. )

So yeah the trio Lace consists of three shades – called Crochet, Guipure (how do you pronounce that  – Im sure its something exotic like Guh-Puh or something but I just call it Gooaaiper ) and Chantilly

1-sleek-blush-by-three-lace-003 6-sleek-blushbythreelace3-sleek-blush-by-three-lace-006

Crochet is the shade on the left  : Its a bright, tangerine orange and on the cheeks it adds a pop of color . Its more orangey than peaches but is an instant pick me up color best suited for light skintones me thinks

Guipure is the shade in the middle which reminds me of Nars Orgasm, Its a soft pink with gold shimmer and gives a gorgeous, glowy sheen to the cheek however for dusky skintones this wont show up as much. Also if you have Springsheen and Orgasm, you dont really need this as much.

The last shade chantilly is super super unique. Its a true coral and leans neither pink nor orange but gives a wonderful, coral flush to the cheeks with a pink undertone. I LOVE it ! This one should show up on darker tones as well.

2-sleek-blush-by-three-lace-0044-sleek-blush-by-three-lac-eswatches 5-sleek-blush0by-three-lace1-001


The middle one has a glowy, gold sheen which somehow hasn’t been caught on camera


In terms of pigmentation- full marks to these, they are awesome and give full power color with one stroke of my Zoeva  cheek blush brush . They last really long as well and in general are great to work with- blendable, soft and finely milled.


Verdict :A

Price: 10 pounds or 1000 Rs for the set . I got it from Luxola.com

Recommendation: Love these, would make a great holiday gift for someone or even if you want 3 high quality blushes for the price of one. This pallette is best suited for light to medium skintones and has a range of three really great colors.



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