Honey, Oh Sugar Sugar.

You are my candy girl..

And you got me wanting you

Know that song??? It’s one of those random songs that no one knows who sang or where it came from, but seems to get stuck in your head really easily. I just think Sugar is such a great word- you can use it in songs like the one above, you can use it as a name of a bakery, you can call your loved one that, you can name a lingerie brand after it, and look it found its way in makeup too!!!

Sleeks Blush by 3 in Sugar is what I have been alluding too, and this trio is one for deep, dusky skintones. I honestly didn’t realise that these shades were so deep or I may not have ordered it however now that I have it, there are some things I absolutely LOVE about it.

The shade on the extreme left is a reddish toned blush and on the cheeks it gives a beautiful rosy glow. I was scared to apply it thinking it would be just too red but actually its really beautiful and gives a warm, wintery rosy glow. I think this color is going to be super fabulous on darker skintones

The one in the middle is a whole lot of shimmer. Its kind of like a mix of gold and deep reddish burgundy shimmer so I guess its to be used more like a highlighter than a blush, but honestly its too dark for me too highlight its almost a bronzer. But I can’t use it as a bronzer either cos it has a ton of shimmer so this one I don’t love. But again I think for very dark skintones this may work?

The last shade is gorgeous too. Think mac gingerly- warm, matte earthy rust which works as a beautiful earthy flush on your cheeks giving it warmth and definition. Looks like a soft, deeper peach and again a good one for dusky skintones

In terms of quality what can I say- pigmented, finely milled, long lasting and an absolute breeze to blend. Whats not to love.

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Verdict: A-

Price: 10 GBP. I got this from Luxola.com (i think shipping is free but you are charged customs when it arrives)

Recommendation: Sleek blush by 3 in Sugar is a trio meant for deep, dusky skintones. While the first color gives a rosy, red toned flush, the last one is a beautiful earthy deep peach. It’s the one in the middle that Im not too excited about.

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