Sleek Makeup Brow Kit in Extra Dark (4) Sleek Makeup Brow Kit in Extra Dark: Swatches & Review

What Sleek says: Frame your face, whilst giving the eye area an instant life with our Brow Kit. Use the pigmented wax to define & shape the brows using the angled brush and then set with powder using the blending brush.

Tell me one thing girls, what do you think is the most forgotten part of our pretty faces? Also let me ask you do your forget your eyes? Answer- No. Your lips? Answer- No. Cheeks? Answer – No. So what remains is your EYE BROWS!!! Yes! Our Eyebrows.

Our Eye brows are such important part of our face that I can say that they if they are well kept they act as a beautiful frame to our beautiful face! They play a major role in expressing every feeling!!

Also I so remember my mother using an eyebrow pencil every single day!! (She is a no makeup person & gifted with a wonderful skin & doesn’t use anything expect occasionally a compact). Now I know that it always have been important, but I somehow I don’t like using the eyebrow pencil, I don’t feel it makes my eyebrows be very natural. For us comes to rescue is the Sleek Makeup Brow Kit. It comes in 4 shades: 1. Black   2.Extra Dark   3.Dark   4.Light

I am to review the shade Extra Dark, which is said to work for ladies with darker brown to black hair (not jet black). This set includes – a Wax, Powder, Mini-tweezers & 2 mini-brushes.

Packaging: It is quite nice – sturdy & small, so travel friendly and it can fit in any handbag. I like the black case with a full-size mirror inside.

The wax which is dark coffee color is used to shape the brows as you want & lightly brush on your brows so the hair sticks in shape. Now using the brow power just fill in the brows & that would set them up!Good thing is that the wax does not harden or stiffens the hair nor does it look heavy but it’s nice & soft on brow. The powder is well pigmented & helps set the wax. It then stays on very well till I remove it at the end of the day

Sometimes I find the mini-brushes hard to handle but I am not complaining since it fits inside the kit. J Anyways you can use bigger brushes if you find it too uncomfortable but I still suggest the mini brushes since these brushes don’t pick up too much product & believe me in this case less is more J. The mini-tweezers works better for bigger hair but not so on the thin ones.

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit in Extra Dark (5)Sleek Makeup Brow Kit in Extra Dark (3)Sleek Makeup Brow Kit in Extra Dark (2)Sleek Makeup Brow Kit in Extra Dark (1)

Above: Before, Below: After

So let me put in the Pros & Cons –


  • Packaging is small, sturdy, travel friendly.
  • The wax & powder are decently pigmented.
  • Makes your brows fuller & natural.
  • Stays all day.


  • Sometimes I find handling the mini-brushes difficult.
  • Mini-tweezers is not that great for removing thin hair.

 Rating: A

Price: Rs. 1049 for 3.8gms (from India)/ $12.99 for 3.8gms (

Recommendation: The Sleek brow kit is a great buy especially if you do not have fuller eyebrows or if your eyebrows need some taming! It is good for daily use & the different shade options would match well to almost everyone. I absolutely love it use it almost every day since I need it to full in my eyebrows.

Guest Review By Nidhi (skin tone: medium – NC 42, type: oily – combination, ache-prone)

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