3-lakme-absolute-gloss-addict You won’t believe me when I say this but my lipsticks have taught me important life lessons. For example- Pink Lily from Bobbi brown taught me that sometimes you shouldn’t be afraid to stand out and grab attention. Ruby Woo from Mac taught me that just because the whole world loves something doesnt mean its going to do it for you and finally this little tube of prettyness from Lakme taught me to never judge a lipstick by first impressions.

I first tried this lipstick and thought Ugh- this is so pale and one of those aweful pinks which look great on lighter skintones but terrible on me. Turns out I was wrong and over time this has become my go to spring- summer lipstick. Oh who am I kidding this one is a go to lipstick period ! Desert rose is a lovely, shiny candy pink which will suit lighter skintones and light- medium skintones to the ‘T’. This is a ‘barbie girl’ pink if I ever saw one and every time I wear this I think of prettyness, of cupcakes, of sweet nothings and floral sundresses. Its just got that girl next door, innocent quality about it

In terms of the quality of the Gloss addict lipsticks, these glide on effortlessly and give a gorgeous, plump shiny effect on the lips. Despite being so glossy I quite like the color payoff and it seems opaque on 2-3 swipes. I feel they keep my lips moisturized and hydrated but the lasting power is definitely an issue. These last more like glosses- they rub off after 3 hours or so which is a bummer. But honestly Im not complaining, I love the lightweight, feel good moisture these provide.


Verdict: A-

(Extra points because I love the color, otherwise the lasting power makes these a B+ or almost an A-)

Price: Rs 800/-

Recommendation: Desert rose is a soft, candy pink that I am absolutely loving on my skintone so far. It will wash out darker skintones but for me, this is my go to girl next door color ! The lasting power is just 3 hours but the moisture quotient is great and I love how lightweight yet still pigmented these are with a shine thats to die for!


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