Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick in Au Natural 002 Review (2) Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick in Au Natural 002 Review

The temperature in Mumbai is rising and is such a bane for oily skinned people, esp me. How I dislike summers!! L I feel my skin is always oily no matter how many mattifying products I use. But ignoring the scorching heat, we have to move on as life moves on…too much of gyan, isn’t it? J Anyways, so after all that rant I would like to present a great face base product for this summer. It’s the Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick with SPF 30.

Product Description: A lightweight, creamy, medium coverage concealer Plus foundation that provides smooth, long-wearing and natural finish hiding all skin blemishes & dark circles and even out skin tone. This emollient based foundation is so concentrated that a tiny amount can provide complete coverage to even skin tone.

Application: The best way to apply this product is with fingertips as it will warm up the product before application. And then pat lightly onto the places where you need to cover and slowly blend the edges away for a smooth finish. In a rush, small strokes with fingertips will also do the trick. Can also be applied with a firm brush or latex sponge.

Shades Available: Fresh Ivory, Au Natural, Warm Beige

IngredientsBees Wax, Carnauba Wax, Candelillia Wax, Hydrogenated Poly Isobutane, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate, Butyl Stearate, Phenyl Trimethicone, Dimethicone, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Tocopheryl Acetate, Stearic Acid, Micro Talc, Collodial Silicon Dioxide, Butylated Hydroxy Toluene, Phenonip M, Perfume

Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick: The Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick is a multi-purpose face base product. It’s available in 3 shades and the shade selection is much according to the Indian skin tones. It’s a travel friendly product which gives you the freedom of travelling with a foundation, concealer and highlighter all-in-one!!. It’s a hassle free product in terms of application. It gives a flawless finish to the face and also has SPF 30.

My Experience with Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick in Au Natural

“My prayers have been answered!!!” With the risk of sounding dramatic, I would still like to acknowledge this product by saying that this is the feeling I got when I held this baby in my hands and swatched it. J I can’t even explain as to how long had I been waiting for a multi-purpose product like this. I would not limit its usage by calling it a “foundation stick” because it’s much more than that. Following are the various uses/benefits that one can derive out of this awe-inspiring product:

1)     As a foundation – It can be used all over the face for a good amount of coverage.

2)     As a concealer – With a lighter coloured stick, you can use it to hide minor dark circles, pigmentation and acne scars.

3)     As a highlighter – With a lighter coloured stick, it can be used on the forehead, the bridge of your nose and on the chin as a subtle highlighter.

4)     As a bronzer – I am not saying this is an intense contouring product, but Yes! some warmth can be sure be added to your face by using the shade warm beige around your temples and in the hollows of the cheeks for that flawless sun kissed look.

Do you see how versatile this product is?? The way I like to use it is majorly as a concealer under my eyes and sometimes as a foundation. Also let’s check out this product performance based on some significant factors:

Packaging: The product is packaged like all other Colorbar products. Its outer packaging is a silver coloured cardboard box which holds the makeup stick. The actual product is wisely packaged like a lipstick, although bigger in size. It’s a twist-up retractable stick which is extremely easy to use and travel with. The entire body of the product is shiny silver coloured and the cap closes securely, making a click sound J Yaayy !!!

Colour: The shade that’s most suitable to my complexion is the second shade which is “Au Natural”. I wanted to pick up the shade Fresh Ivory, but that has quite a pink undertone to it which does not flatter my warm complexion. Also the shade Warm Beige is best suited for dusky skinned beauties. Since I generally buy face base products in the same shade as my skin tone (not lighter, coz I have a fear of foundation looking ashy) this is the perfect shade for me. I would describe this shade as a light to medium shade with warm undertones.

Texture: Now comes the best part – the texture of the product. The Colorbar makeup stick is so very creamy that it just glides on the face without getting streaky or patchy. It goes on so smooth and flawlessly and is very easy to blend. I would suggest blending this with your hands because the warmth of the skin helps the product to melt into your skin (in a good way) and blend easily without having to tug and pull the skin. I’ve also tried blending it with my Real Techniques makeup sponge and it does quite a decent job of blending the product, but I would still prefer using my fingers.

Pigmentation: I would say that this product gives medium to high coverage. It will not cover up major pigmentation or dark circles, but it works fairly well for people who do not have much skin issues. The coverage can be built up without it looking heavy.

Longevity: This product is quite long lasting and does not melt away from the face due to heat. It stays put really well even on oily skin. I experienced some shine near my nose 6 hours after applying this product but I guess it can be fixed by using a good primer and a matte powder touch up.

Quality: The product quality is outstanding!! For the price that it is being offered at, it’s really excellent. I would say that the quality of the Colorbar Makeup stick is somewhere between the Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick and the Bobby Brown Foundation Stick. It gives a matte-cum-dewy finish which I love.

Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick in Au Natural 002 Review (3)Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick in Au Natural 002 Review (4)Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick in Au Natural 002 Review (6)Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick in Au Natural 002 Review (1)Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick in Au Natural 002 Review (5)


  • Wisely packaged, making it travel friendly
  • Very versatile, and be used for various purposes
  • Feels lightweight on the skin with a matte-cum-dewy finish
  • Contains SPF 30 which makes it perfect for day time wear
  • Very long lasting
  • Creamy finish which does not get streaky or patchy
  • Moderately priced, considering that the quality is great
  • Buildable coverage
  • Contains skin friendly ingredients like Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter
  • Quite moisturing hence does not dry out the skin


  • Limited shade selection, though the ones available will majorly cover most Indian skin tones
  • Dry skinned beauties MAY have to use a moisturizer before using this product. Since I don’t have dry skin, I can’t much comment on that.

Rating: A+ (I really don’t like to deduct points for trivial cons which can be taken care of)

Price: INR 675/-

Recommendation: I highly recommend this useful and multi-use product to everyone and esp. to those who dislike liquid foundations. Also, if you’ve always been using foundation in liquid or mousse form, it’s time to give this product a try and enjoy its various benefits. Also, those who have been wanting to try a highlighter or bronzer, you can experiment with this and then invest in high-end brands if you like. Highly highly recommended!!!

Guest Review By Priya Sinha (Oily skin with occasional breakouts, fair skintone)

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