1-innisfree-shea-butter Whatever does a girl do, when she needs to look fresh and radiant for her friend’s brothers sangeet in an hour and her face looks super dull and sallow? She rummages through her collection of face masks to find one to pamper herself ofcourse. And since my face mask collection only consists of Innisfree since I got a ton of their sheet masks , its no surprise that the one I chose was the Innisfree It’s real shea butter mask.

First things first, I didn’t know what to expect because Innisfree doesn’t really mention what each mask is supposed to do on the packet (Or maybe it was temporary blindness on my part, I don’t know). But basically , the foil tore open to reveal a rather wet, sheet mask that you just place on your face and press down. It felt like the mask had some sort of milk or something in it because there was this white liquid seeping through. Anyhoo, while the mask was on I toasted myself some bread to munch on (which I later realised was pointless since I couldn’t eat through the mask)  and sat back to sort out what I was wearing that day (Black anarkali and smokey eyes for those interested).

Coming back to the point I gave this about fifteen minutes and removed it. My skin felt super soft, very very hydrated and rejuvenated . I won’t call it a miracle or a transformation but it did add some amount of vitality so hurray for that. In terms of whether these effects were long lasting- not really, i was back to normal the next day but for a quick pick me up when my skin was feeling tired this was nice to have.

2-innisfree-sheabuttermask 3-innisfree-shea-butte1r4-innisfree-sheabuttermask1


After the mask (I dont have concealer on so dont judge the dark circles)

Verdict: B+

Price: Unsure !

Recommendation: Nice for a pick me up if you require a quick boost of hydration and vitality to your skin , though the effects may not be long lasting. These masks sure are addictive though- easy to just slap on to your face and remove I cant wait to try the other 10 I have with me !

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