2-loreal-pure-reds-amaranthe-001 Seen that L’oreal ad with  a bevy of beauties sporting new lip colors ??? The one on Gong Li- thats the one right here and its possibly my absolute favourite from the entire range. Well, this and Pure Vermeil I can’t decide between the two, but this is the one that comes out when I want just a kick of sexy with my outfit.

Pure Amaranthe is a deep, raspberry pink . The range might be called Pure reds but on me, this is a bright, jewelled toned pink. Its strange that I like it honestly because the bright pinks I usually go for are much lighter with a more fresh, poppy pink kind of color. This one is a bit deeper like a jewelled pink but absolutely delicious. Its also a great color for medium and wheatish skintones- it instantly adds oomph and pizazz to an otherwise boring look !

In terms of quality, these Loreal lipsticks are quite fab. Rich, non drying, pigmented and lasts long as well too.  You may want to scrub your lips a bit before applying these but what the heck- for colors as pretty as these, I’d do whatever. Small note in terms of application, while these are quite comfortable to apply, some of them can tug a bit.

3-loreal-pure-amaranthe-0014-loreal-amaranthe-0011-loreal-pure-infallible-pure-amaranthe-001 - Copy



  • Gorgeous color payoff – rich and pigmented
  • Comfortable to wear for a matte lipstick
  • Super long lasting
  • Don’t crease and have a good finish


  • Might tug a bit while applying


Verdict: A

Price: Rs 995/-
Recommendation: Love the pure reds range and Pure Amaranthe may be my favourite out of the lot (Or second favourite after Pure Vermeil). See swatches of other lipsticks in this range here

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