“Be bold ” , says Bobbi Brown with her newest little collection of purrty little things. Well, if being bold means dusting this cutie on my cheeks then I shall be bold alright !!! It was yesterday, when I was waiting at home for the boy to come back (he works Saturday all day too ) so we could go out for the movie Kingsman, when I started to play with this toy. I had my Mac Cosmo lipstick own, just a dash of chocolate brown eyeliner and my favourite powder pink t shirt . Even though the boy hates blush I thought hmmm…lets try this on anyway, and soon enough my cheeks were a soft, rosy pink courtesy Be Bold here! (Which btw, the boy didn’t hate so yay!)

Anyway, the fact that this is an illuminating bronzer is confusing to me, because people it is not any of those things. Its this super pretty blush with just a dash of shimmer that makes my cheek get a pearly finish  when they hit the sunlight and it also imparts this beautiful, rosy glow on my cheeks ! Perfect for summer time dates like mine yesterday . (The movie by the way- not bad, but my sole reason for watching so many movies is caramel popcorn and when the theatre runs out of it I really want to throw a crazy fit. Like hello people what is UP with the scarcity in caramel popcorn. ) . In terms of pigmentation, pretty good- the color itself is a medium-light rose so you do have to layer it on, and in terms of longevity this stayed on me for abour 4-5 hours which is average I guess.


Verdict : A-

Price: Rs 2400 I think?
Recommendation: Pretty, rosy blush with a pearlescent finish that will look lovely on light to medium skintones. Me like !

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