2-mac-cosmo1 You know how sometimes you absolutely love something and get utterly obsessed with it, and then somewhere down the line you kind of think it isn’t that great, and then you come back after a while and go like WHOA I love it ! Thats kind of what Mac Cosmo is to me- it was the lipstick that broke my Mac virginity ;) and was my favourite for years. Then i kind of got distracted (tends to happen with me – I like variety or I get bored), and then recently I used my 6 Back to Mac products to get a free lipstick and somehow my heart just went for Cosmo again.

Spring 2015 has been a Cosmo spring for me, just a beautiful wash of pastel pink on the lips. Its a neutral, dusty pink which goes perfect whether Im wearing a bright color, a neutral, heavy eyes or light eyes. I love how beautiful it is on Indian complexions and even though its kind of similar to Mac Mehr, it has a distinctive quality of not being as pink as mehr and much creamier so its better for everyday wear. I also think this is a FABULOUS color for darker skintones- it may not seem like that way because on my lips this goes pale, but my sister who is two tones deeper than me loves this as well.

If I were to change something- I would want this in a different texture. Cremesheen maybe? The amplified cremes are a bit too heavy on the lips during the summer times and they get transferred easily which is just annoying. They are super luscious and creamy though but the heat makes me want to wipe that slick of color off.

In other news, I know I haven’t been posting too much lately and a lot of people are writing in to tell me they miss P&B.  I miss it too, but I had started to feel bound by ‘having to post ‘ regularly and I stopped enjoying it. So everytime I do hit some inspiration like in this post, I shall  be around !


Wearing Mac Cosmo and Bobbi Brown Be Bold Blush

Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 1200/-

Recommendation: In terms of shades, this is one of my favourite colors from Mac. A dusty pink which is so effortless and perfect for everyday wear, I would love for it to come in a different finish- the amplified creme is a bit heavy

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