Maybelline The Colossal Kohl Kajal In Smoked Silver Review (2) Maybelline The Colossal Kohl Kajal In Smoked Silver Review

We do have a tendency of saving the “Best for the Last” which is why today I am going to review my most favourite shade of the 3 newly launched Colossal Kajals, which surprisingly happens to be Smoked Silver. I am always biased for green and purple coloured eye pencils, but in spite of there being a new green liner, I’ve fallen for this one!! That speaks a lot about this awesome shade. So let’s see why this one is my most favourite.

Product Description: Maybelline Colossal Kohl Kajal enhances the appearance of your eyes.

  • Infused with nourishing ingredients and vitamin E this kajal gives soothing effect to your eyes.
  • Smooth texture of this kajal glides effortlessly onto eyes.
  • Color stays for minimum 12 hours without fading.
  • It features a unique tip which makes application easy and comfortable

My Experience with Maybelline The Colossal Kohl Kajal in Smoked Silver:

This is probably one of the most unique eye pencil shade that I enjoy having in my vanity. Not that I don’t have silver or grey coloured liners, but this shade is so unique and beautiful and that makes it incomparable to the others that I own. It’s the most appropriate shade that can be used instead of the regular black kajal to break the monotony and add some glamour quotient to your life! Sounds interesting? Read on…

Packaging: I really like the bright yellow packaging of these Colossal liners. Not only do they look pretty and different, but it also becomes easy to locate them. This comes in a typical Colossal pencil packaging with colour-coded details mentioned on the pack. It did disappoint me when I saw that neither was there an outer packaging nor a safety seal. But that was temporary and I got over it…

Colour: The paramount feature of this particular kajal is the shade. Have you heard of a kajal shade which is silver with strong blue undertones?? Yes!! That’s exactly what this colour is!! It is so unique and gorgeous and wearable and beautiful and the list continues….

Texture: The texture of this eye liner is pretty creamy as a result of which it goes on smooth in application without troubling the eyes. It’s pretty smooth for the waterline and the eye lids. Like!!

Pigmentation: The pigmentation of the Colossal Eye Pencil in Smoked Silver is not like the best available in the market, but it certainly is good and won’t disappoint! All you need is 2 swipes of the kajal and you’re good to go!!

Longevity: Extremely long lasting!! It lasts for a really long time (almost all day) and won’t leave you until you remove it with a makeup remover. Super impressive!!

Quality: The overall quality of this kajal is commendable. It hold true to its claims and proves to be a great product. If you are planning to buy any one of the 3 newly launched kajals by Maybelline, then this one it is ladies!

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  • Such a unique and pretty colour! Pure love!
  • Sleek and sturdy twist up packaging
  • Very Travel friendly
  • No sharpening and no product wastage
  • Can be used on the waterline and the eye lids
  • Waterproof formula
  • Does not cause any stinging sensation to the eyes
  • Smudge proof
  • Very long-lasting
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to find in a stash full of liners (yellow colour)


  • Pigmentation could have been better, but at this price, no complaints!

Rating: A

Price: INR 249/-

Recommendation: If you want a kajal that will add some drama and glamour to your eyes, along with being smudge proof, long lasting, unique shade and in a budget then Maybelline Colossal Kajal in Smoked Silver is just the product for you!! Take a break from the regular shades of kajal and enjoy the effects of this awesomely unique kajal!

Guest Review By Priya Sinha (Oily skin with occasional breakouts, fair skintone)

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