Essence Lip Liner in Honey Berry Review (1) Essence Lip Liner in 15 Honey Berry Review

Do you know the feeling when you are strolling in the mall or a shop, trying out different makeup items without any intention of buying anything and then bam! You discover a product which blows your mind and is spot on and it is budget proof too!? That feeling is nothing less than an achievement and I felt the same way when I proudly discovered Essence Lip Liner in 15 Honey Berry.

Product Description: The cool lipliner colors ensure clear contours and beautiful, shapely lips. A practical effect: the lipliner is smudge-proof and especially long-lasting.

Basically I am clumsy when it comes to lipstick application. Unlike many girls who apply lipsticks flawlessly, I just couldn’t master the art of staying within lip contours and I do have to turn to lip liners for somewhat precise application. But the thing with lip liners is that most of them (even the costliest ones) are super dry on the lips and no matter what amount of lip balm I apply beneath, my lips do flake. But all that’s changed now, thanks to Essence Lip Liner. It is the creamiest textured lip liner I have ever used. It does not dry out my lips, does not end up giving me flaky skin and I absolutely do not require to moisturise my lips beforehand. It takes care of everything. But on the downside, it feels a tad bit waxy and heavy sitting on the lips which honestly I do not mind.

Essence Lip Liner is highly pigmented as well, and I just need a swipe to get intense color and it is easily buildable.  I actually prefer wearing this lip liner on its own. It’s basically a lipstick in pencil form. It does not smudge with light meals and stays fresh atleast for 4-5 hours. I also love the soft stain it leaves behind. The pencil is color coded and hence it is easy to locate if you own a few of these. It needs sharpening frequently and due to its creamy texture it is prone to breakage.

Essence Lip Liner in 15 Honey Berry is a gorgeous mauve pink with a purplish berry tone to it. I absolutely adore the color and it is a statement maker. I think I have seen Priyanka Chopra sporting such colors with élan. I am glad I have one such color in my kitty now!

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  1. Very affordable
  2. Texture is very cream & smooth
  3. Highly pigmented
  4. Does not smear or smudge
  5. Long lasting
  6. Color coded pencil hence it is easy to locate


  1. Availability – I think these are available online. I got mine from a local beauty shop
  2. It feels a little waxy on the lips
  3. Needs sharpening which leads to wastage

Rating: B+

Price: Rs. 129

Recommendation: Essence Lip Liner in 15 Honey Berry is beautiful mauve pink color with strong berry undertones, if you like wearing such bold colors then give this a try. And if you are looking for budget lip liners which are creamy & pigmented then Essence Lip Liners is highly recommended.

Review By Priya

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